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What is eSales Analyst?

eSales Analyst is a perfact Point of Sale (POS) software used to manage small level of businesses. It is essential for success, productivity, accuracy, efficiency and reliability of business.

Why you should prefer us?

eSales Analyst is a business software that helps you in stock management, profit & loss management and much more facilities for your organization. Makes your trade more successful and manageable in accurate and easy way.

How much cost of this software?

Total cost of Software is for: 1 Year = 20,000, 3 Years = 40,000, Lifetime = 100,000.

Is it available in free trail?

Yes, it is available in free trail on Free trail is available as web based & desktop software for 15 days. Also you can find out screenshots on this website.

Which operating system does eSales Analyst POS support?

It is supported in all operating systems (Windows, Linux and macOS).

Which support is available for eSales Analyst POS?

Onboarding, Customer Care, Email and Training videos.

Why we trust this company (Maqbool Solutions) for purchasing software?

Maqbool Solutions is registered from SECP, PSEB, EOBI, FBR and PRA. Head Office is located in Talagang, Chakwal, Pakistan. Providing Software Solutions and IT Services.

Can multiple users, use it?

Yes, multiple users can use it but only those features which are allowed by admin.

Is it customizable?

Yes, it is completely customizable and user friendly software.

Can data be backed up?

Yes, our software provides you facility of data backup. You can restore your data easily.

Can we edit entered data?

Yes, our software has an awesome feature that you can edit entered data.

What is criteria of getting software?

You can download free 15 days trail from our website. Then, if you like it you can contact us to buy it for 1 year, 3 year, or life time.

Is it supports cross platform?

Yes, it supports cross platform.

Is my data safe on the Cloud?

Your all data is save even if your computer breaks down, your data is safe.

Can I simply create invoices?

Yes. Creation of invoice in this software is very easy. Multiple rows are added Automatically.